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Hear What Guests Are Saying About Chef Nick


"Chef Nick continues to amaze me. My wife says he takes a side dish (like cheese grits) and makes an "event" of the dish." - Ray Z

"Your proudness in the galley is INCREDIBLE! Every meal was a beauty to behold and an incredible taste bud extravaganza- wow! This and your willingness to learn all aspects of the ship are a trait that will take you far in life!" -Jack & Betsey

"Nick, the chef, is incredibly talented and comes up with inspired specials in addition to the diverse menu." -Laurie N

"Best Cobia we have ever eaten in Hilton Head!!"-cityslicker099

"All food is beautifully presented and it looks like you are eating artwork" - Corey R

"All local ingredients made fresh. The chef is a master at local fare, exciting plates that were a pleasure to the palate." -Perksnh

"Nick has obviously trained his staff, our guest were literally "blown away" at the overall experience" -Ray Z

"Chef Nick is a culinary artist, a true craftsman. His skill and talent evident are ever-present" -Neya

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